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my biggest fear is that I’ll never be enough

for everyone close to me but even for myself

and I know

this isn't a unique fear

and I'm not alone

but everytime I begin to love someone new

I get scared that they will realize the truth

I'm not enough…


that is the only word that begins to describe how it felt

maybe loneliness was part of it

but now that I finally feel I found my happiness


You thanked me for forgiving you

but the truth is I didn't

I haven't forgiven you

I don't think I ever will

You apologized profusely but I never said it…

Wake Up

I woke up

From a dream with you in it

Looked to my side and saw an empty pillow

You have never taken that space up

Because when you wanted to

I wasn’t ready to see you beside me

Now I want nothing more than that space to…

My mind runs in so many different directions

Sometimes it is still

But now

So much is happening there is nowhere to stay still

To breathe

I have too much to get done

Too much to think about

Too much to accomplish

I can’t stop and stay still

not for…

You make me hate you

At least want to hate you

You take up all the space in my heart

And without you, I don’t know if I could ever…

The last thing I said to you

was to stop loving me.

That it was ok to let go;

We would both be ok.

It was me comforting you even…

Looking into the mirror I don’t see myself

Not really

I see a version of myself

The tired, lonely,

emotionless me.

Every mirror I pass seems like a peek into what others see

But they are not

I look at my reflection

And I hate it

I find every insignificant…

I know you feel alone.

I promise you are not.

I got through everything alone

and I wouldn't wish it on another soul.

Go to your friends

and go to your family.

Don't push them away

They wont all be here forever

It is so hard to get yourself back

You will always be the magnet my eyes look for,

the first person I picture when the sun rises,

the last person I see before I fall into my dreams.

You are a magnet

I want to be close to you again,

but I am forced away.

Every time I’m…


Posting my poems and favorite recipes that I have worked to make perfect, follow if you like what you see :)

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